lauantai 11. huhtikuuta 2009

Dry scalp problems

Dry scalp is probably the most common hair related problem there is. People notice the problem from the dandruff on their shoulders. Unfortunately people don´t always realize that dandruff is not a hair problem but a scalp problem and dandruff does not go away by treating problem in the hair.

The scalp can get dry from various reasons like weather conditions or air conditioning, nutrition, psoriasis etc... The scalp can get dry even if you wash it too often or use shampoo and other hair products that have ingredients that tend to dry the scalp.
Usually a dry scalp is itching alot an the dryness shows very well in the hairline. Dandruff starts to fall from the scalp along the hair into the shoulders and the scalp usually feels dry and tight.

Psoriasis is a different problem of dry scalp and it can be identified from dry, well lined spots around the scalp. In psoriasis the dandruff comes off from the scalp in bigger parts and after that part has come off, it leaves little red dots in the scalp.

Dandruff is the most showing part of dry scalp but it does not necessarily always come with dry scalp.. Normally the skin of the scalp renews in 6 to 8 weeks. When the scalp gets infected, the cells start to divide faster which causes the new skin to form in just 10 days. This causes the new baby cells to cling on to each other and because of the huge amount of the new cells, it is seen as dandruff. Dandruff is not a sickness, but an abnormal state of the scalp.

Dry scalp is a very common problem and most of us have it every now and then. It´s usually not a big problem but in can be very unpleasant. Dry scalp gets worse in the winter because of the colder weather and the lack of air humidity. Also if you like to use a hat a lot in the winter, it can cause a dry scalp problem. Dry scalp is a problem of absolutely everyone. People of every ages suffer from it. Even the people who don´t usually have a dry skin, can suffer from a dry scalp. If a dry scalp is not treated, it can cause the scalp to start cracking, which causes little wounds in the scalps and then the scalp becomes a very friendly area for bacteria to visit and then the infections come and cause more problems like hair loss.